Rethinking Work
in Life and Business

Today there are five generations working together...


Traditionalists care deeply about job satisfaction, they remain with a single employer for most of their career, and view their retirement as a reward for a lifetime of service.


Boomers seek recognition, status and money in work, viewing job changes as hindering career achievement. Historically, retirement is at a certain age and represents “stopping work”.

Generation X

Work/life balance mandatory, requiring freedom to pursue “real” interests. Changing jobs exercises a need to retain personal freedom. Retirement uncertain; could allow continuing personal renewal.


Work must align with personal values, foresee series of 2-3 year job commitments. Ongoing recycling of skills; work life could span six decades. They’re different . . . and the same.

or Gen Z

The generation that has never known a world without the internet.  

...each with their own unique needs, expectations and approach to work style.

Today's Workforce Needs