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MJSchifsky-portraitMary Jo is passionate about engaging, fulfilling and productive work—for everyone. As she enters her sixties, she’s committed to changing the dialogue about traditional retirement age by exploring the opportunities within a multi-generational work force and current employer skill gaps. She broadens the discussion beyond employee age to employee value and contribution, along the whole demographic curve.

Mary Jo speaks from her experience, with over 45 years in the workforce, in for-profit, non-profit, line and staff positions, building businesses and companies. She is an experienced leader with roles at Target, Hazelden, Pickle Product and as a visionary Executive Director for Store to Door for Seniors.

With GenSync, she’s focusing on her lifelong interest in workforce development, highlighting her personal value that meaningful work throughout life equates to productive employees and profitable enterprises. Mary Jo’s educational credentials include an MBA, HR management coursework and leadership certification. She’s looking forward to graduate level work in organizational development, beginning Fall 2016.

My Story or "Why I Started GenSync."

I’ve always felt I’ve lived my life on the edge of a demographic curve. I was swept along with changes occurring during my youth and young adulthood.

MJ-familyA middle child in a big family, I questioned authority, while my parents hoped I’d grow up to be a nurse, a teacher or a mother. In my teens, I rebelled, rolling up my uniform skirt and beginning to learn about other options for women’s careers. clownCollege was a time for experimentation—with learning and relationships blending into years of exploration and freedom.

Grad school re-focused my energy; I liked finance and planning! An MBA brought a very-corporate job, international travel and, surprise, marriage to a much-younger man.

MJ-AliceMotherhood demanded flexibility; time to start a manufacturing business. My daughter was raised working there until, way too early, Mom showed signs of dementia. Classic sandwich-generation, raising our child with my husband, increasingly responsible for my parents. Sold the business and ended our marriage. Deep dive into the aging services field, then, hired to lead an aging services non-profit. Got that experience under my belt! Ten years later, indulging a long-term interest: workforce engagement and development.

My parents showed, by word and example, that rewarding work, making the most of education, relationships and experience, is the foundation of a good life. I’ve repeatedly sought to find fulfilling work for myself and to provide a rewarding work environment for others. I’m living the lessons I learned. Today, maximizing the inter-generational work experience for employers and employees is my goal.

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