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GenSync 2017 booklist

I’m often talking with older workers about their value and values. The shift we’re all experiencing as a result of better health and increased longevity can be confusing. I’ve enclosed four books (all 2016) that opened my eyes to the fact we’re living in a most unusual time.  These are my top picks today out…

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Postpone Death—Continue Working

Want to share an excellent article: Retiring Retirement  It’s long but very thorough. This paragraph caught me: After controlling for confounding factors such as demographics and poor health, the researchers made a startling find: People who worked at least a year past retirement age had an 11 percent lower risk of dying during the study period.…

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The Death of Early Retirement?

Just read about someone bemoaning the loss of early retirement—and the reason is that few workers have prepared for it or want it. Is this a problem? Retiring at age 60 is a relatively-new social construct—developed when life expectancy was 65. Living until 85 presents opportunity—and challenges. I’ve been surprised to realize how much I…

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