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GenSync 2017 booklist

I’m often talking with older workers about their value and values. The shift we’re all experiencing as a result of better health and increased longevity can be confusing. I’ve enclosed four books (all 2016) that opened my eyes to the fact we’re living in a most unusual time.  These are my top picks today out…

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Workforce training pays off for Pratt & Whitney shareholders

Training was part of all my first jobs. I was hired to do the job but my employer (rightly) assumed I’d do my best work if they invested in training me. As a result, workforce training enhanced my productivity leading to my efforts enhancing shareholder value. Thirty years ago, MN employers prided themselves on extensive…

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Workers in MN’s tight labor market

I just read the most-recent TRENDS workforce report from DEED.  Great news for workers, sort of.  It shows the Twin Cities’ annual unemployment rate at 3.3% in 2015, the lowest our region has seen since 2000.  The report: In our booming metro economy, over 1.1 million workers are between the ages of 25 and…

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Postpone Death—Continue Working

Want to share an excellent article: Retiring Retirement  It’s long but very thorough. This paragraph caught me: After controlling for confounding factors such as demographics and poor health, the researchers made a startling find: People who worked at least a year past retirement age had an 11 percent lower risk of dying during the study period.…

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Congress Proposing a Cut in Senior Training Program

As I’ve explored the community resources available for mature workers a program titled SCSEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) has been pointed to as an example of the Federal Commitment to older workers. Funded by the Older Americans Act, SCSEP provides subsidized, service-based training for low-income persons aged 55+ who are unemployed and have poor…

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