The Death of Early Retirement?

rainbow1Just read about someone bemoaning the loss of early retirement—and the reason is that few workers have prepared for it or want it. Is this a problem? Retiring at age 60 is a relatively-new social construct—developed when life expectancy was 65. Living until 85 presents opportunity—and challenges.

I’ve been surprised to realize how much I enjoy working, when my work is engaging and rewarding. Moving from my personal history of watching my Dad go to a job each day he didn’t really like but had to do to support his family, I’m amazed at my own perspective. But, this is partially due to my willingness to take “breaks” in my career, during periods of time where I needed to step back, rethink and re-tool. I’m not independently wealthy but have always saved for emergencies. An emergency can be when I’m burned out and don’t feel I’m contributing my best to my workplace.  Time for a “break”.

As a result, I’m now officially old enough to retire and have no intention of doing so. My current break is proving very invigorating; I’ve identified a new path and am exploring it. Retirement feels pretty far away; I’m grateful to have this perspective.

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