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GenSync has the tools, connections and experience to help employers understand current workforce dynamics, including:

  • Provide clear analysis of current workforce trends and coming challenges
  • Stress the value of developing a workforce strategy driven by strategic company goals
  • Strengthen the usage of human resource analytics in staffing decisions
  • Establish communication models and channels to ensure clear and effective planning
  • Review training and development capacity and planning, emphasizing ROI for employee and employer
  • Develop strategic workplace plans to drive succession planning, retention and recruitment.


While GenSync’s focus with employers is on all workers available to them today, workers aged 50+ are those most in need of a mindset shift. Employment ageism isn’t new or secret but it is unnecessary and, increasingly, ineffective. A mind shift is needed for some employees taking stock of where they are in their career and their work future, particularly if they assume they’ll continue working. Re-tooling can be exciting and very rewarding!

GenSync offers personalized and experienced coaching for mature workers to:

  • Understand your value and potential in the changing workforce in relation to your personal situation
  • Assess match between personal skills, needs and interests and current business openings and trends
  • Communicate personal goals and training needs
  • Develop flexible plan, identifying resources and connections
  • Coach you through steps necessary to achieve personal work goals.

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