How we work


Following an introductory meeting to discuss employer goals and concerns, Gen Sync’s Mary Jo Schifsky will:

Develop summary review of current workforce, proposed plan to optimize existing staffing resources and estimate of staffing investment needed to achieve and sustain staffing levels to meet organizational goals.

Source and recruit experienced workers, who may or may not have exact level of skill or training needed for the position.

Working with employer goals, access range of community resources (educators, service providers, State of MN, funders) to invest in training of new hires of workers 50+ or to upskill current 50+ employees.

Serve as liaison between employer and community resources to maximize investment in older worker.

Establish, maintain and communicate metrics re effectiveness of initiative to all involved.

Cost:    Project-based (min 3 hours) or hourly  based on scope and longevity of project.



1969 Alum and 2017 President of St Paul College

GenSync’s operating motto: Collaborate. Collaborate more.

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Workers 50+

Job search at 50+ is no different really than job-seeking as a 20-year-old todayand, everything is different from when 50+ workers sought work in their 20’s. 

Personal contacts have been replaced by online interactions, social media provides a whole new way to market experience and skills and, jobs that are currently available may not have existed ten years ago.  It can be overwhelming and scary but, there is a workforce shortage in Minnesota, in the nation and across the world.  Older worker energy, soft-skill experience and ability to mentor, expertise and experience is needed.

How to effectively throw your hat into this tumultuous ring?

GenSync is steeped in the resources and programs designed to support workers 50+ seeking an ongoing career, a different career, a new job in the same industry or part-time work.  Some of these tools are well-hidden, but offered to you as part of personalized and experienced coaching for mature workers, to:

  • Understand your value and potential in the changing workforce in relation to your personal situation
  • Assess match between your personal skills, values and interests and current business openings and trends
  • Communicate personal goals and training needs
  • Develop flexible plan, identifying resources and connections
  • Coach you through steps necessary to achieve personal work goals.

Initial meeting, in person or on the phone, is at no cost.

An hourly rate, in increments of three hours,  is charged for ongoing assessment, results, training and coaching, plan development, networking, interviewing and hiring.  As a client, you determine the focus and the pace, within reason.


Job-seeking designed to meet the needs of experienced and mature workers across a range of jobs and industries.