Incremental progress, always

For a year, I’ve worked full-time immersing myself in all things workforce development.

Major takeaways:

  • Ageism remains an acceptable prejudice.
  • Talent is key.
  • Resources for older workers to maintain, improve their talent are invisible.
  • Employers and educators have disparate goals and metrics for success.

Where to start? 

  • Learn, from dozens of coffees, lunches and phone calls with all kinds of people.  And, narrow my focus to employers and employees.
  • Employers slowly grasping a different approach to recruitment, training, retention.
  • Employees slowly coming to terms with the need to recruit themselves.
  • Resources are slowly coming to light as our demographic reality meets the workforce.

I’ve been learning–now, it’s time to share, to gather partners, to build momentum.  Incrementally.



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