What Do Workers Want?



Ongoing Training

Competitive Compensation


Today’s changing demographics have set in motion lasting workforce change

Workers plan to work longer (with planned breaks) into foreseeable future

Resulting in an ongoing stream of older workers moving into, out of and within the workforce

Ageism in employment isn’t new or hidden; it is habitual. Ignore the habit.

Our longer lives make it unrealistic to assume that a role adopted at age 24 or 34 will meet your financial, intellectual or experience needs for 30-40 years

Millennial workers are changing jobs every 2.5 years; Gen X are staying for 5-6 years. The entire world of work has changed since workers 50+ entered the workforce.

Every worker and, now, particularly those 50+ is tasked with taking stock in their career, regularly.


Can you find the job you want?


And, there may be hurdles but they can be overcome.


How we work

How to move to a new job or career

  • Know your self
  • Know your situation
  • Learn about the dynamic world of work
  • Identify the industry, job and types of company that meets your values and needs
  • Network. Network again.

GenSync provides informed, engaged and supportive career coaching

Personal contacts have been replaced by online interactions, social media provides a whole new way to market experience and skills and, jobs that are currently available may not have existed ten years ago.  It can be overwhelming and scary but, there is a workforce shortage in Minnesota, in the nation and across the world.  Older worker energy, soft-skill experience and ability to mentor, expertise and experience is needed.

GenSync is steeped in the resources and programs designed to support workers 50+ seeking an ongoing career, a different career, a new job in the same industry or part-time work.  Some of these tools are well-hidden, but offered to you as part of personalized and experienced coaching for mature workers, to:

  • Understand your value and potential in the changing workforce in relation to your personal situation
  • Assess match between your personal skills, values and interests and current business openings and trends
  • Communicate personal goals and training needs
  • Develop flexible plan, identifying resources and connections
  • Coach you through steps necessary to achieve personal work goals.


The Paid Work Package is for you if:

  • You’ve recently left your job, either voluntarily or involuntarily or,
  • You’re doing work that doesn’t bring you the joy it used to but you don’t know what to do next, or
  • You’ve had a successful run but wonder if now’s the time to follow your dreams and do SOMETHING else, or
  • You’re returning to the workforce after an absence so aren’t sure what to do next.

The four-session package (first session runs 1.5-2 hours) includes

  • Discussion and clear understanding of your current situation, including financial resources to support process as well as proposed timeline
  • Assessment to update your self-knowledge
  • Identification of industry, job and company options that meet your needs and experience
  • Focus on networking technique and practice
  • Referral to broad range of supportive resources to launch your job search

This thoughtful process acknowledges the complexity of the 50+ worker’s history, experience and individual needs.

This package includes:

  • Four coaching sessions (in-person, on the phone or via Skype) First is 120 minutes, three for 60 minutes
  • Assessment, analysis and discussion of results
  • Touch-base e-mails in between sessions
  • All GenSync employee work begins with a no-cost, one-hour meeting to discuss your current situation, your hopes and needs and to outline a potential process of working together.

Personal Package       

An hourly rate, in increments of three hours,  is charged for ongoing assessment, results, training and coaching, plan development, networking, interviewing and hiring.  As a client, you determine the focus and the pace, within reason.

Job-seeking designed to meet the needs of experienced and mature workers across a range of jobs and industries.

All GenSync employee work begins with a no-cost, one-hour meeting to discuss your current situation, your hopes and needs and to outline a potential process of working together.

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