What Do Employers Need?

Access to trained, work-ready staffing

Effective, productive work environment

Inter-generational, diverse work teams

Sustained profitability to achieve company goals

GenSync focuses on the fastest-growing segment of Minnesota’s current workforce to meet these needs: Workers 50+.

GenSync helps employers understand and manage current workforce dynamics, including:

  • What are the generational components on your overall workforce? How does your workforce compare to other employers in your industry?

GenSync will: Provide clear analysis of current workforce trends and coming challenges

  • Are there potential or pending gaps among workers 50+ that can be filled by younger staff within the time frame you’ll need the skill? Is your HR department aware of and planning for the projected needs of the older members of your workforce?

GenSync will: Propose five-year staffing plan reflecting current staffing cohorts and proposed (five-generation) staffing plan to sustain organizational goals

  • What is the impact of your company’s current staffing investment?

GenSync will: Implement or strengthen the usage of human resource analytics in staffing decisions, to allow your company to remain competitive in staffing activities

  • Is your company using current and proven-effective recruitment and retention communication channels and methods?

GenSync knows how to optimize channels (media, social media, outreach) and messaging to reach a broad range of candidates and to retain connection with current staff.

  • Is training a priority?

GenSync will: Review and update training and development capacity, planning and outcomes, emphasizing ROI for employee and employer

  • Where is turnover expense today? What is the optimal turnover expense?

GenSync will: Develop strategic workplace plans to drive retention, recruitment and succession planning, as part of ROI on hiring GenSync.

“Just 53% of manufacturers are responding to the worker shortage by using a formal strategic planning process.”

-  Enterprise Minnesota, June 2018

How we work

GenSync’s Mary Jo Schifsky will meet with you to clarify company’s staffing pinch-points.

And to answer these questions:

  • How will you measure whether the work GenSync does enhances your bottom line?
  • What’s the ROI needed to justify investing in a strategic staff planning process?

From that initial meeting, a proposal is created and presented and pricing is discussed.  Upon agreement, a contract is signed and the work begun.

Specific activities that may be included in the proposal:

  • Summary review of current workforce
  • Proposed plan to optimize existing staffing resources
  • Estimate of staffing and training investments needed to sustain organizational goals
  • Source and recruit experienced workers, work-ready or in need of upskilling investment
  • Access range of community resources (educators, service providers, State of MN, funders) to invest in training of new hires of workers 50+ or to upskill current 50+ employees.
  • Enhance employer brand as older workers find successful employment in your company
  • Establish, maintain and communicate metrics re effectiveness of initiative to all involved.

No surprises.


Did you know?

The State of Minnesota has initiated and fostered Career Pathway and Pipeline programs, through the Department of Labor & Industry (DLI) and the State of MN Department of Education & Employee Development (DEED) and, in cooperation with all the MN State educational campuses.


These programs, with resources, are available to innovative employers and involve service providers, worker referrals, the appropriate State agency as well as any desired training provider.  Ask GenSync about a pilot at your site.

Ready to optimize your workforce?

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