GenSync Can Help You

The goal of our work is achieving Generational Synchronicity across ALL the generations.

What we do

GenSync works with employers and employees to capture and build on the value of all workers.

  • For workers over 50, GenSync offers a structured and effective career transition process.
  • For employers, GenSync provides workforce planning, focused on recruitment, training and engagement for workers 50+.
  • GenSync will help transform thinking among employers and employees to enhance a broad range of differently-skilled and experienced workers to maximize business productivity.

GenSync knows...

With five generations in the workplace, maximizing workforce effectiveness requires sustained planning and continuous communication.

  • Traditionalists and Boomers are living longer, healthier lives
  • Employer assumption that mature workers want to leave at a certain age is outdated
  • In MN, 50+ workers are healthier and better educated than any other workforce cohort
  • 50+ workers’ technical skills exceed those of Gen X workers
  • Gen Xer’s, at 50% the size of the Boomer or Millennial generation, is already tapped
  • Gen X, Millennial and Centennial workers require different engagement tactics
  • Retention across demographic curve is key to maximizing profits and reducing turnover costs


Work, workers, and workforce

We’re living today with never-before-experienced workforce dynamics.Projected demographic changes caused by increased longevity are here.

  • An economic climate badly damaged ten years ago is recovering.
  • Unemployment in Minnesota, at 3.3% is lower than it’s been in ten years.
  • Workforce shortages are holding back business growth.
  • At 70%, Minnesota’s labor participation rate reflects an outdated assumption.
  • Prime working years are still considered to be between 25-54. This limited age range reflects an outdated paradigm for workers and employers.

Traditionally, workers started working at 16 with an expectation of “stopping” at 65 and dying not long after. A MN woman today expects to live to age 84; men are right behind with an expected lifetime of 82 years. This longevity, combined with good health and inadequate savings results in workers who can’t afford to leave their income-generating years behind at age 60, 62 or 65. And, many don’t want to.

Workers 50+ are the fastest-growing segment of today’s population and, today’s workforce. Older workers offer experience, expertise, communication and mentoring skills needed in today’s five-generation workforce.

Employers are challenged; one by one, they’re trying to figure out how to remain staffed, manage turnover expense, provide flexibility and build engagement. Employers need engaged employees with hard and soft-skills, who find learning rewarding, are motivated by accomplishment and whose success builds the success of the employer.

Working together, GenSync is linking older workers, employers, community resources, education and training.

Are you ready to synchronize?

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