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Why GenSync?

Maximizing the Demographic Dividend

GenSync’s founder, Mary Jo Schifsky, believes work is good. Work of all types, from when kids are young and doing household chores to being a good neighbor to first jobs, second jobs, big careers and volunteering.

Many workers find work engaging, challenging and rewarding.

Employers need employees who want to engage, like challenges, find it rewarding to learn and to accomplish and whose success builds the success of the employer.

Traditionally, workers started working at 16 with an expectation they’d stop at 65. This timeline isn’t current. Workers and workplaces are becoming more flexible, out of necessity.

Most people don’t really ever stop working. The challenge and opportunity for workers is find a reason to work that matches their own values. And, for the fortunate employer who attracts that worker, the challenge and opportunity is to keep them.


GenSync knows...

With five generations in the workplace, maximizing workforce effectiveness requires sustained planning and continuous communication.

  • Traditionalists and Boomers living longer, healthier lives
  • Employers assuming mature workers want to leave at a certain age
  • Gen Xer’s at 50% the size of the Boomer or Millennial generation—in the middle
  • Gen X, Millennial and Centennial workers demanding different engagement tactics
  • Retention across demographic curve is key to maximizing profits and reducing turnover costs

GenSync is a catalyst in changing thinking about current workforce dynamics, with an emphasis on recruiting and retaining mature workers, those aged 50+. As part of a small and growing vanguard of workforce development resources, GenSync’s mission is to emphasize the value of all workers. A change in thinking among employers and employees is necessary to maximize the current resource of a broad range of differently-skilled and experienced workers to maximize business productivity.


Why GenSync? *The goal of our work is achieving Generational Synchronicity-GenSync is short and easy to say. Done.

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